Where You Gonna Go?

Summer sun won’t come
With the holes in you
With the holes in you

Jump the gun
Run, run, run

Where you gonna go
Like that
With the holes in you
With the holes in you- Where you Gonna Go? Gregory Alan Isakov

Christine and I share a birthday month. We also share a love of adventure and authenticity. So, we took a few days and did whatever popped into our heads. Venturing out into the Red River Gorge on a cold and soggy autumn day was a brilliant idea. We meandered among the pines and pinnacles and witnessed the smoke rise and dance along the tree-tops as the world turned to face the end of the year.

Brave Brave Brandy

I had a lovely Friday afternoon driving out to Turtle Rock in the Red River Gorge to spend some time with my brave, beautiful, cousin Brandy (her wonderful sister Sherry was there to help too!). She’s a senior this year. She’s also funny, adventurous, and kind. She’s an extraordinary person, one who is willing to brave cold water and the woods, to wear my first ever flower (ok it’s eucalyptus) crown, and generally just be uncomfortable with so much grace! Brandy has a presence. She is one of the most serene individuals I’ve ever met. I am sure her future will be filled with love and joy.

Asheville Skies

Good god, is it November?

The leaves burn auburn red

The Asheville skies and timber

Are holding onto it.–Asheville Skies Milk Carton Kids

It’s not yet November and for that I am thankful. I prefer to meander through October. I enjoy transitions and October is certainly a transitional month. The gateway to autumn, the beginning of colder mornings, and crispy sunsets. I love October.

Anyway, I’ve not posted anything in a long while, but it’s been a busy year. Since last October I’ve gotten married, bought a house, been promoted, and now I’ve had the wonderful privilege of seeing both Asheville and The Milk Carton Kids. If you know me, you know that I love mountains and The Milk Carton Kids.

The show was better than I could’ve imagined. The MCK have a dry melancholy sense of humor that just speaks to me and their music is somber, introspective, and irreverent. If you’ve not listened to their newest album succinctly titled “All the things I did and didn’t do,” than you really should. But, you should be listening to all their music really.

Enjoy the photos. Enjoy your October.

September Rain

I love a good rain swept day. For some, a rainy day is gloomy and disheartening, but not this girl. Cold rain and gray skies appeal to my imagination. They transport me to mist covered moors or islands in the North Sea–a made-up place in the back of my mind. They are magical.

So this morning I decided to take a trip to the park and attempt to capture some of those feelings that the rain inspires within me. It probably would’ve been easier with a model. Self-portraits are hard. It’s nearly impossible to be objective about your own face and I can’t seem to keep myself in focus if I stray from the middle of the screen. Maybe next time someone will go out onto the moors with me.

Cumberland Falls

I’ve not posted anything in forever–mostly because I don’t get out of the house much and there’s only so many pictures of Romulus and the plants that I can reasonable post online. But, we managed to steal a day at Cumberland Falls, and it was a lovely day, so I thought I’d share some photos. They are mostly of plants and animals, of course.

Terra Cotta 

Yesterday on my way home from work I stopped at a local summer flower shop and it had these lovely pots for sale. I’m on a mission to put all the plant babies in terra cotta pots–I have a habit of giving them just a little too much water–so I’m always on the look out for unique clay pots. Aren’t these just beautiful?

I’ve found a deep sense of tranquility taking care of the many plants that now are sharing my apartment. It is a strange thing to try to be in tune with the needs of creatures so different from myself. I go about the house moving someone from a shadowed place to a sunny one, testing soil for dryness to see who needs a drink, and dusting leaves while checking for unwanted pests. Plants can be a lot of work, but the peace they lend me is worth every minute of it.