Good god, is it November?

The leaves burn auburn red

The Asheville skies and timber

Are holding onto it.–Asheville Skies Milk Carton Kids

It’s not yet November and for that I am thankful. I prefer to meander through October. I enjoy transitions and October is certainly a transitional month. The gateway to autumn, the beginning of colder mornings, and crispy sunsets. I love October.

Anyway, I’ve not posted anything in a long while, but it’s been a busy year. Since last October I’ve gotten married, bought a house, been promoted, and now I’ve had the wonderful privilege of seeing both Asheville and The Milk Carton Kids. If you know me, you know that I love mountains and The Milk Carton Kids.

The show was better than I could’ve imagined. The MCK have a dry melancholy sense of humor that just speaks to me and their music is somber, introspective, and irreverent. If you’ve not listened to their newest album succinctly titled “All the things I did and didn’t do,” than you really should. But, you should be listening to all their music really.

Enjoy the photos. Enjoy your October.

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